I love my job. I was able to help a mom bring a beautiful new baby girl into the world today. What could be better than that?




I am very close to getting all my certification requirements done for DONA. I should be attending a birth in the next few days. I am so excited and happy for the couple! I am also working towards certification as a Hypnobabies instructor. I am very excited to bring Hypnobabies to central IL.

I have added a bunch of new items to my shop including cloth diapers and accessories. Starting 6/19 I will be having a Kick Start sale and offering 10% off any cloth diapers or accessories. Check out the selection at Nurtured Baby Boutique

I was selected to be a part of Operation Special Delivery. I am so excited and proud to help out our military families. If you know someone who might be interested in this please have them contact OSD for more information.

You can find out more about this at www.operationspecialdelivery.org

As a c-section mom this issue is a passion for me. The cesearean rate in the US is alarming.

Does Electronic Fetal Monitoring Increase the Rate of Unnecessary Cesareans?

Women need to become fully informed before making medical decisions about their birth.

I found out about this today and I think this is a wonderful cause.


“Operation Special Delivery (or OSD), provides trained volunteer doulas for pregnant women whose husbands or partners have been severely injured or who have lost their lives due to the current war on terror, or who will be deployed at the time that they are due to give birth. To be eligible for a volunteer doula from OSD an applicant must be unable to afford to hire a doula privately and be without reliable or sufficient labor and birth support.”

I am going to sign up. I don’t know if being in central IL will be helpful, but I think this is something that is worthwhile. If you know someone who is need of a doula and would benefit from this program send them the link to their website.