I love this Blog article from The Unnesecarean. Good Little Girls Here is an excerpt: “We deserve evidence-based care given to us by providers that have our best interests at heart. We are the ones who will have to live with the consequences of what happens to us during our birthing process. We will have to carry the mental and physical scars of these experiences for the rest of our lives, not the OBs, not the nurses, not the hospital administrators. We are the ones who will, almost desperately and for years afterwards, search out willing listeners to hear our “birth story,” a story that may be filled with what-ifs and maybe-next-times and regret and confusion. ”

I myself have fallen into this trap. Not wanting to rock the boat or question authority. How many other women feel exactly the same and yet say nothing to their care providers. Birth does matter to us. It stays with us for the rest of our lifes. Women need to find a way to find their inner strength and speak out.